About me

Welcome to my blog - I am a 40 (how did that happen?) year old, full-time working, single mother and I love to create. I get so much energy creating things, when I finish a project, I am really satisfied, and it makes my day.

I am a Sundayschool teacher - teaching my girls' class. They are 6 years old and starting school in August. They can hardly wait. They love to do everything "school". My church is the Covenant Church of Norway. I love being at church, and I spent the most parts of my 20's as a missionary - mostly to the homeless people of New York City.

During my working hours you'll either find me in an office or behind a teacher's desk. My job is partly running a highschool for adults - somewhat like a GED class, but more advanced - and partly teach some of the said classes. I love my job, but I do love being home with my children more, and I wish I was able to spend more time home with them.

May you be blessed, Tone