Sewing Block After Party for Petit A Petit

Today it is my turn to take part in the Block After Party for Petit A Petit Patterns - all made by the über talented Celina!

If you haven't tried out her patterns before - now is the time!

She has recently released two new patterns and a third is coming real soon. I sewed up the Loveralls, the Friday dress and also included the Elm Poncho. The Loveralls also come in a skirt version. The Friday Dress will be released very soon!

Friday dress - detailed, such a pretty silhouette! I love the look of this one!

Elm Poncho - I made mine in a table cloth fabric...

My girls throwing a ball at me... and then laughing their heads off!

See these beautiful items? Celina's patterns are so well drafted and they have a very high quality.

My daughers also love her patterns!

And do you know what? You can still get her patterns at 20 % off with the code: BLOCKPARTY

You really need some of these patterns in your life!

Disclaimer: I am not being paid for advertising her patterns. I did test these three patterns. The opinions are 100 % mine and Celina is truly one of my favorite designers!

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Thread Faction SS2016 Blog Tour

I was so lucky as to be asked to try out a few patterns from Thread Faction and be part of the blog tour, Thread Faction SS 2016.

There are a total of seven patterns and they make up the cutest summer wardrobe. They have a clean, simple and modern look, perfect for Scandinavian Girls. I chose (my girls chose) pattern 105, 108 and 110, which is a cropped Girls shirt, a dress and a romper. I modified the romper. The shirt and dress are sewn as the patterns, I just lengthened them because my Girls are taller than the patterns state.


This is a simple, dolman style dress With a half circle skirt. It's such a quick sew and can easily be made into both a shirt and a skirt. What I like about these patterns, is the amount (or lack of) of paper I had to print. The romper printed on six papers!

The dress can easily be paired With the shirt - which took me just over a Commercial break to sew - after cutting, of course. This one will be a summer staple this year.

I don't have a lot of Pictures of the romper - she was just not feeling well, and somhow she got a hole on the back of her thigh putting it on. The romper is initially a shorts romper. It is rather short and after all we live in Norway - so I lengthened the legs and put the band so she can wear it as a Capri. She loves it soooo much and is really sad about the holw - I will have to make more of this too.

Happy Girls, in beautiful clothes!

Liz from Thread Faction has a wonderful give-away on her blog, here! The sponsors are shown in the photo underneath.

The tour will be featured on these blogs:

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Thank you, Liz, so much for having me on the blog tour!

Discalimer: I received the Three patterns to sew up for the tour, but the opinions are totally honest - we truly love these patterns, they are cleverly made and they fit and look super cute - these patterns will be reused!


Cyan Lilly Dress and Tunic pattern test

We love this dress by Mandy K Designs . The dress was so easy to put together. I learned a new sewing method. Fit was spot on. The directions were so clear and it went really fast to make - which always makes me happy. The twirl factor is also important here! Honestly,we just love this!


The beatiful Tip Top dress by Petit a petit

I was lucky enough to be able to test the new pattern by
Petit a petit and family: the Tip top dress. As always her pattern is pure perfection!

The fit is beautiful and the dress is so romantic, yet modern. It's on sale for the next two weeks. If you have a girl you sew for, this is a good dress to have.


Blue Ridge Dress by Hello Holli Patterns

I've tested the perfect pattern: love the fit, sew versatile, beautiful, just as pretty inside out AND my girls love it. The tunics are their most worn items after I made them. The pattern is by Holli from Hello Holli (www.helloholli.com).  And it's called the Blue Ridge dress and tunic. I'm away at a cabin with no internet, borrowing some internet from a cafe, writing this on my phone... hence the short post. But you NEED this patter. We get compliments every time they wear the tunics. And if you make a mistake like me, turning the skirt backwards, you'll get a hi-low tunic also.


More gifts, shirts, dresses... more sewing

 My girlies were going to a birthday party today. I made the present and one of the birthday dresses this morning. I used a raglan shirt pattern for the dress and the tunic. The fabric for the dress is 11 years!!! She loves how it turned out.
 "Mommy there's a alphabet soup, right? you can name this dress the Alphabet dress"
 My girls don't like ruffles and frills and sweet and overly girly anymore. They are getting older - almost 10 and want SIMPLE lines and not too much pattern on the fabrics.
 This dress is perfect for my high heal loving girl.
 For the present I made a tunic - I added elastics in the side seams to ruffle it up some - and a skirt. I had both fabrics in my stash. They are velveteen.
 The tunic is an extra lenght raglan shirt and the skirt is self drafted.
My parents are visiting my brother. So one of my nieces got this shirt. Also a raglan shirt  - it takes less than half an hour to sew, so this is my new favorite pattern! The pattern will come for sale at Titchy Threads!

My other niece got a similar shirt as the blue striped shirt - the Rowan Tee - shown in the previous post.

Love me some quick sewing!!!


The Rowan t-shirt pattern testing!!!

 I've been so, so lucky to pattern test the Rowan shirt for Laura from Titchy Threads. She released this new wonderful pattern yesterday. My girls and I love it!!!! The pattern has 144 different options - like, that's a lot!
 For this one, I used a fabric with two layers. Seen below.

Review of the pattern:

Why we like it:
It has a simple, basic shape (my girls like this)
It's a very simple sew, and fast
It has so many options
It is very easy to hack and make different - I see some hooded dresses in out future...
The directions are super easy
The fit is so nice
It's easy to combine sizes
The kangaroo pocket has high sides, so things won't fall out (also my daughter's comment) 
Very easy to make for both girls and boys

And there really is nothing I don't like...

If you sew for your kids, you need this pattern!