The ELM Raincoat Poncho

 Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!! I love this pattern!!! (I still haven't been able to put in the snaps, I need to bring this baby to my mother's house and let her have a go at it)

My daughter is also in love!!!
The pattern is of course one of Celina's (Petit a Petit) in the collaboration Willow & Co's Wanderlust Collection!!!

The release date is still April 22nd! I know it's hard to wait for this collection!
 I love making clothes that just look so professional, clothes where people will come up to me and ask where I bought it! And I know that will happen with this pattern. It is VERY professional.
 the poncho makes a full circle, but is longer in the back. It has a choice of welt and patch pockets and several hood options. The hood even has ear options.
 The size is all the way up to size 10/11 years, and it is rather roomy.
 I made mine in a laminated fabric (that's supposed to be a tablecloth...) and I didn't include a lining. In Norway this will be a summer raincoat, and I didn't think a lining was necessary.
 The hood and pockets are lined with a solid orange/peach cotton fabric.
 I folded all my seam allowances over to one side and top stitched them and then I sealed them with a rain coat sealer. I think/hope it will be totally water proof.
The only thing I changed up from the pattern, was making this thing in the neck to hang the poncho from. It's a large piece of clothing...

It's not a very quick sew, because there are so many long seams to sew, but it is worth all the time making it, it looks so professional and it is just so beautiful. If your child is anything like mine, they will wish for rain on a sunny day, just to be able to wear it!

Here are some of the other wonderful testers:
Kimmie - check out her daughter
Shino - all flowers and beautiful

Just a last reminder: WILLOW & CO, APRIL 22ND


ASH Jumpsuit - shorts version

 And again I will show you the wonderful pattern from Celina from Petit a Petit, one of the patterns from the collaboration between several designers at Willow & Co - such wonderful patterns!
 My daughter initially chose these fabrics, but I didn't have enough denim for the pants. Then someone in the tester group mentioned shorts... VOILA!

She also has a jumpsuit shorts from last year that's getting too small - so this one makes her SOOOOO happy. She loves it and wish the weather was warm enough to wear every day.
 I just love how easy it is to so, it covers everything that should be covered!
I think you can tell how happy she is with it!

The release date for ALL the patterns is April 22nd!

It's raining here today and now I have to go and put snaps on a certain ELM raincoat poncho, and make my daughter happy!


The ASH Jumpsuit - two piece version

Let me tell you some more about the patterns I tested. First out is the ASH Jumpsuit. As you can see below, the pattern has a one piece and a two piece version. The pattern is made by Celina from Petit a Petit and is one of the patterns in the collaboration Willow & Co . The patterns, oh, all the wonderful patterns will be released April 22nd! There are some gems there, I can't wait until it's released!!!
 I got to test the two piece, with pockets. We love how it looks. My daughter has a thing for halternecks, she loves them, and she loves baggy pants. Here she has both. She also loves jumpsuits.... so I see a lot more of these in the making!
 I tested size 9 on my 9-year old. I would go up a size, because I like what I sew to have some room for growing. My daughter has the exact height measurements as the pattern for this size.
 What do I love about the pattern:
it's easy to sew
it's fast to sew (I love that!)
it's so versatile ... easy to change up, easy to mix up fabrics
the modern look
the very good instructions
the easy put-on/take-off - since it's a jumpsuit
 With the two piece you get some wonderful pants - my daughter loves these, and I will be making more pants. And you get a beautiful top - and it is mommy-approved - it is really decent - because their is elastic around the neck and back, it won't slide to the side and show anything others shouldn't be seeing, you know what I mean?
 And you can easily make it into a costume...
The other women in the test group made BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL jumpsuits - go and visit them (I will miss interacting with them on FB :( ):
Ines - sorry I can't get your dots over your e

I was in the midst of GREATNESS!
Thank you Celina for giving me this opportunity!!!


The ASH Jumpsuit and the ELM Ponch pattern testing

 Finally able to spill the beans!!! Willow & Co are releasing 10 new patterns April 22nd. And I have been SO LUCKY as to test two of their patterns.

The ASH Jumpsuit and the ELM raincoat Poncho. We are in love.

I actually made three ASH jumpsuits - it is so versatile! I made the above two piece one with peach polka dot cotton fabric and black linen pants. We love it!

My daughter initially picked out the fabrics on the picture below, but I didn't have enough of the denim to make the pants... then someone in the tester group mentioned shorts!!!
 These are made as the jumpsuit. My daughter loooves jumpsuits, I see a lot more in the making for summer - I have so many ideas with this pattern, and it is soo quick. During my testing week, my daughters told me one night they had a dress up party the next evening, and one of them wanted to be Princess Jasmine.
 Another ASH was in the making! And it is so quick (and modest) that she ended up going as Princess Jasmine!

The next pattern I made was the ELM raincoat poncho. Now, she didn't really want a poncho, until I told her it was a raincoat poncho... of to the fabric store, we found this really cool laminated cotton or oilcloth (all I know is that it's supposed to be a tablecloth... )
We are both so much in love! I haven't put the snaps in yet, since my fabric is very sturdy, I needed some sturdy snaps, they'll come in today.

While I was finishing up the poncho, my daughter actually said she wished it was raining... that's how much she loves it!

This is not a quick sew, but it is so worth the time spent!!!

Now, head on over to Willow & Co. The patterns will be sold as a package deal and they can be bought individually.
(The opinions written here are all mine and my daughter's)

I will give you more pictures of each pattern in the days to come. I think they are so wonderfull, they deserve a blog post of their own!


The Spring Shower Jacket Pattern!!!

 I think this pattern speaks for itself!!! My daughter and I love it.
Elegance & Elephants has done it again!

 So, we cheated a little - it's supposed to be a rain jacket... but I made it in a very light corduroy fabric - and it's perfect for the spring weather we're having right now - sun, very cold in the mornings and warmer during the day.
 It's a very well made pattern - and a little time consuming, but oh so worth it. It's made with double seams almost all over, and I know this will hold up for all her playing and jumping on the trampoline...
 The pattern calls for a rope around the waist, we wanted an elastic instead ... The pattern also has two different versions!

 The hood is very nice and big. Heidi has made the hood a little smaller in her final pattern, but my daughter loves this big one, calling it her secret hiding place!
 And as soon as I get to the fabric store for some more water resistant fabric, there WILL be more Spring Shower Jackets!!! I have been looking for a jacket like this one - and now I have the pattern and can make the jacket myself!!!

I AM BACK - with the best jacket ever!

I've tested Elegance & Elephants new pattern - Spring Shower Jacket - and we LOVE it so very much!

The fit is perfect, the details are beautiful, the directions are easy to follow. My daughter has a new favorite jacket!!!

I did change the waist - she didn't want a rope hanging ... and I put elastic in instead.

Head on over and check out the new pattern!


Bringing them home - Sew Many Books - God knows all about me!

Bringing home my guest posts!

Wow - am I happy to be here today!

I hope you guys have been following this wonderful series and all the wonderful creations based on books!

I am Tone from Bless - I create mostly for my twin girls, they are my muses and my inspiration!

For this series I chose to use a book I bought for my girls when they were three years old. We live in Norway, but the girls' father is from the U.S, so I'm always looking for English books to practice their English. 

We have read this book so many times. I think after a month they knew it by heart. We had so much fun reliving it through the photo shoot!

Without further ado, here is:

God knows all about me,
by: Kate Toms

 My creation: the pyjama pants
Fabric: JoAnns
Pattern: self-drafted

Thank you so much for having me, allowing us to relive one of their favorite books as young girls and for me to finally sew up the pyjama pants I had promised the girls!