The sewing community is a wonderful community. It is full of wonderful ladies, and I Guess a few gentlemen.

One of these ladies, that I have been so Lucky to meet in real life, is Inês!

She is the auther of the blog La Folie, Sewing Booth and more.

Today a bunch of other wonderful sewing ladies have come together to honor Inês by making something that she has been an inespiration too - see what we did there? :)

My Inespiration was Inês' #beetlejuicedress

I love how it looks on her, I especially love the sleeves and the black and white graphic designs in the fabric.

Here is my take on the #beetlejuicedress:

 I used a burdastyle pattern, because I don't have the Japanese sewing book Inês used, and she says it comes only in one size... and let's be real her, there is no way I can fit the same size as Inês :)

 I got the big sleeves she has!
 And then I chopped off my dress and made it into a shirt - still Inespiration - I still have the sleeves and the fabric that are similar! And the shirt fit me way better than the dress ever did.

Head on over to the other lovely ladies for their Inespiration!

Inês, we <3 U! Thank you for being the Inespiration you are!

4 kommentarer:

Emi sa...

What a great dress-turned-top!! I love that you made that iconic dress of hers -- and then took it further by making it a top. The perfect Ines-spirit! <3

Olga Becker @ Coffee+Thread sa...

I like it both, but the shirt is probably more versatile! Looks great!

Olu sa...

The dress totally reminds me of Ines' Japanese dress. Ha ha I wasn't expecting it to become a top. I think I prefer it that way too. Good, quick thinking there.

inesmelo sa...

Awww my dear friend! Thank you so much for taking part of this wonderful surprise, I can't describe how I feel, you all filled my heart with Love! Ohh boy and how I love your beetlejuice dress turned top! So good, that fabric is amazing and I love to see it on you, perfection!! Maybe one day I'll be able to go and visit you too! Sending a huge hug! xoxo