Sewing Block After Party for Petit A Petit

Today it is my turn to take part in the Block After Party for Petit A Petit Patterns - all made by the über talented Celina!

If you haven't tried out her patterns before - now is the time!

She has recently released two new patterns and a third is coming real soon. I sewed up the Loveralls, the Friday dress and also included the Elm Poncho. The Loveralls also come in a skirt version. The Friday Dress will be released very soon!

Friday dress - detailed, such a pretty silhouette! I love the look of this one!

Elm Poncho - I made mine in a table cloth fabric...

My girls throwing a ball at me... and then laughing their heads off!

See these beautiful items? Celina's patterns are so well drafted and they have a very high quality.

My daughers also love her patterns!

And do you know what? You can still get her patterns at 20 % off with the code: BLOCKPARTY

You really need some of these patterns in your life!

Disclaimer: I am not being paid for advertising her patterns. I did test these three patterns. The opinions are 100 % mine and Celina is truly one of my favorite designers!

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2 kommentarer:

Emi Otsubo sa...

Tone!!!!! I love love love everything you made! Those Loveralls are so cool - it's so great seeing them on an older girl (makes me wonder if I can get away with them, haha). And the fabric you used for your Friday Dress is awesome! And the Elm!!!!! Thank you for the reminder- I so need to make this pattern <3

Elsa sa...

Your daughters are so cute!!! I love how they model the different outfits you made them. So much fun!