Wading in April and losing teeth

 I just love this age, (I love all their ages...) when they are losing their teeth. One of my twins has lost five teeth now, two of them are back. She lost her upper, front tooth Saturday, and I just love this look. They look kind of naughty with their teeth out. The other twin hasn't started losing yet, and she thinks it is really unfair.
 Yesterday we had really nice weather - and the girls wanted to swim, still a little cold for that, but they did go wading in the river - and let me tell you it was LOUD - because the water was freezing. But they did it - over and over again.
 The other twin - the teeth-losing one - she thought it was the coldest. The other one was a lot tougher.
And for the record, this was our back yard at the same time as the girls were wading - you won't see me near that water for a looong time.
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Be blessed, Tone

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