Down to four of us

(My neighbor forgot to fasten the hook in her dress)
 I made it through this round - hurray. The theme was Sunshine - what better than sun dresses.
The sun shield is painted with the text: You are my sunshine - fabric paint
 The dresses are inspired by this Chasing Fireflies-dress and this Modcloth-dress
Having a picnic, in a romantic dress and being able to get some shade from the sun - what could be more perfect?
 The dresses and the sun shield all bring me back to the old days - and they are perfect for a picnic in the sun. The shield is for giving some shade to the food or to the baby. 

 Can you tell it was a cold day - 60 degrees and cold winds, they were both really freezing and I had to be really fast taking the shots. (She's trying to get some heat from the pillow...)

But I LOVE how these turned out. And I hope you do the same.

6 kommentarer:

Jill sa...

I knew that was yours! It's so cute! Excited to be in the final four with you :)

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy sa...

this is absolutely adorable! I love it!!! I think I stumbled across one of the dresses you had used for inspiration and bookmarked it for the same. Great job!

A Creative Dream... sa...

They are lovely!

Anonym sa...

So adorable.... love the mother daughter dresses!

Rachel sa...

I love the dresses, very cute!

angie sa...

gorgeous! I love the little bloomers too!