Busy,busy week

I was away from Thursday to Monday. In Norway we celebrate Christ ascendant day, so we had a long weekend. The girls, my parents and I went to visit my brother in the middle of Norway - 14 hour long drive - and then we took the plane home!!! The n this week I have lots of board meetings... ahhh, I would much rather do some sewing.

LAst week the girls had their first visit to schhol. They will be in first grade in the fall. It was such an exciting day for them - half a day at school.
I had to make them new dresses for this. I made reversible bubble dresses for them - though my darling angel decided she didn't want to wear it.... She does love it, phew, but thinks it's really embarasing wearing new clothes.
This is one side of one of the dresses. Reversible dresses are so handy, take today for instance - we're going aeway straight after kindergarten - so I dressed them in these dresses. If they are dirty for climbing trees, I'll just reverse the dress - and they will look all clean. Busy mom's little helper - reversible dresses.

A big thank you for all the votes in SYTYC - it looks like I might be winning - be still, my heart...
This will be the busiest weekend.. We're going to a pentecost festival - it's a Christian family camp - with lots of meetings - lots of fun for the kids - I will be in charge of the craft's group - I'll show you what the kids made after the weekend.

Stay blessed, Tone

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Jill sa...

Congratulations! You won!!!!!!!!!!!!!