Embroidery hoop basket - tutorial

Missy hasn't posted this one yet, so here it is. As my finale project I made the Garden House - I will give you some of the tutorials. Today is the embroidery hoop basket. You can see the version I made for the finale in the above picture.
Materials you will need:
2 pieces of coordinating fabric - size: the circumference of your hoop, length of choice
1 embroidery hoop - I use the wooden ones.

Tie a ribbon around the closure of the hoop - and enjoy your basket.
I will try to get the pillows' tutroial ready by tomorrow.

I had so much fun being part of this competition, and want to give Missy a big thank you for having me.

5 kommentarer:

Moquelish sa...

Love that! I have been looking for something like this for my kiddo's room to help contain some of their endless amounts of stuff.

Melody sa...

That is too clever, and very inexpensive too. I think even I could sew something so simple!

Baye sa...

I've been hanging on to a hoop forever trying to figure out what to do with it. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Beth sa...

This is super cute! I wonder if my beginner sewing skills can achieve this?!

خياطة وتفصيل sa...

so beautiful thank you so much