8 long days

The girls and I just came back from 8 days in Denmark - long days, fun days. We drove with our car on this loooong beach between Løkken and Blokhus, they swam in the waves.
The first time Princess swam and jumped in the waves, she LAUGHED - she couldn't stop laughing for the entire time she was in the water - it was quite amuzing to watch and listen to her.
I loved watching them.
Then we fllew kites on the beach, which they loved as well. It was the first time flying kites. Denmark is so flat, and it's always windy, so flying kites here is pretty simple. And I guess that's a good thing the first time two 6-year olds are trying.

I love watching their faces trying new things, the joy they feel when they master something, when something is a little scary or thrilling. I love being their mother. And yes, it is tiring going on a vacation all alone with them. I didn't have any adults to talk to, no one to give me five minutes of alone time or no one else they coulg nag - and yes, I was tired a lot of the time, but then, watching their faces, hearing their voices, it's just so worth it. I really do have really good girls.
Driving on the beach we spotted this beautiful mermaid - did you know that The little mermaid initially comes from Denmark. H.C. Andersen wrote the story about the little mermaid, and it is a lot more sad than Disney's Ariel.
We also spent three days in a theme park. The girls climbed this "mountain" and it was so hot from the sun, this guy had to rescue Angel. She couldn't come up or down. Thank you, stranger.
Tehy dug for gold - one of their favorite things to do. They are so patient here, digging and digging - and then when they had filled up their cups, Angel manages to lose her cup to the ground. So mommy ahd to come to the rescue and dig for some gold for her.
Canoeing for the first time as well - lots of fun and lots of circling. Those paddles are just so hard to get a hold of. But they did pretty good for being the first time. And they gave it their all.
8 long days, filled with lots of fun from morning to evening. I'm so happy I gave them this vacation, building memories, having something to tell their classmates when school starts, having done some firsts - and I am so grateful for having been given the trust of being their mother. Angel and Princess, watching you grow up, is like getting a present every single day.

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Looks like an amazing time!