Photo props tutorial

I made it another round in the OMTWI competition - this is what I made last week.
I have two problem, in the least, when taking pictures of children. For one, I don't always get their attention and two - I don't want to put their picture on line. I have therefor created the Animal photo props parade. And hopefully these will at least help me with those issues - other issues with manual settings and stuff, well, they probably won't help with that.
These six animals (is a fish and an octopus considered animals?) are to put on the lens of your camera - then you can tell the child a story or make animal sounds - and the attention will be turned towards the camera. - WARNING - lots of pictures.

Step 1: Start with a strip of fabric, fold i two - the long way and sew along the edge, don't start at the very beginning and stop before the end, as shown above. Turn inside out.

Step 2: Put the edges rights sides together - sew.
Step 3: Put an elastic through, sew or tie the elastic.
Step 4: Sew the hole
Make up a whole lot of them.
Step 5: Cut out two of each of the pieces of the limbs, ears, fishtales etc - I just free cut mine - no drawing, just cutting. Put them on the ironing board - put a freezer paper (or something) underneath.
Step 6: Put a piece of adhesive wadding (does that make sense?) over - and iron.
Step 7: Cut out the limps again - and zig zag around the edges.
Step 8: Fasten the limbs etc to the circle elastic. I hot glued felt eyes on the second batch I made. I liked that more.
Now, are you able to guess what animals we made?

These sea animals (??) are made to cover the faces - I figured these were real summery and they will go well with beach wear and such. They can easily be detached from the sticks and be props laying around the "stage". Hope you like what I made.
I made the face covers almost the same way, but I didn't want to put too much on them, because of what I'll use them for. I made a little pocket on the back piece for the stick.

Hope you enjoy it. Be blessed, Tone

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Cherished Bliss sa...

I love these... I voted for them : ) So unbelievably cute : )

elizabeth sa...

YAY for another week!!!! Good luck!

Dacia sa...

Those are so dang cute! What a creative idea! Thanks for the comment luv :)

Camille sa...

These are brilliant!! I think it is the perfect way to get your kids to look at the camera! I definitely will be making these. :) Thanks for sharing. I am your newest follower and I would love to have you come over and link this up to our Link Party going on this weekend- and every link counts as an entry in our giveaway!
Camille @

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