Reversible dress

For those of you visiting from Someday Crafts, a big welcome - thank you for visiting, hope you will stay a while.
I have promised you a tutorial for a different kind of reversible dress.
I've just fallen in love with the reversible dress this summer - it's so practical - during the summer season my girls want to wear a dress every day - and we're so much on the go during the vacation. Now, if they get a little dirty, I can just turn the dress around and they are look clean. I don't mean to use it if they get super dirty - I'm not a slob - and if it's dirty on one side, and we're at home, I do wash it - but for those days when we're running from the park to a visit or a restaurant... then it's just perfect.
What you'll need: 
2 tank tops
2 pieces of fabric - size 6 yr, appr 1 yrd wide and 2 inches longer than decired length.
Step 1: Sew the side seams of the fabric pieces.
Step 2: Attach the skirt to the tank top - I used elastic on my bobbin, but if you stretch the tank top a little as you sew, that will work as well. (Maybe better than what I did)
Step 3: Put one dress inside the other - right sides together. MAKE SURE FRONT IS TOWARDS FRONT.
Step 4: Sew the bottom of the skirts together with elastic on your bobbin. Google for tutorial on this if needed.
Step 5: Turn dresses right way, with one dress inside the other. I just left them like this - with the tank tops loose from eachother - and this really works. I did this because I bought cheap tank tops at H&M - and even though same size, they were very different in size. You could also top stitch around neck line and arm hole.

On this one i made my own tank tops - and this is our favorite.
Hope you'll come and visit me again.

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