Stick table and stool

 For my naturals week I have made a table and a stool - perfect for early mornings in the garden. And even though this project was good for my garden - lots of cleaning up the little trees growing - it didn't take me through to the finals at OMTWI - sadly so... I cut the trees into same length sticks - tied them HARD together and there you have it - a table and a stool.
 I used a zinc tray as the top to my table - it just looks so nice and vintage.
I wanted my stool to be comfortable and was thinking of sewing a circled pillow for it, but then, since the theme was natural - I used wool and felted it - it's supposed to be an apple tree - butit looks more like an elephant... At least it is now soft to sit on. So, this was it from me at the competition.... Though my finale project is done - I will show you on Sunday.

Be blessed, Tone