Day 22 and 23

 O.K. so I'm cheating a little - I'm doing two days into one post, shoot me.... I'm working hard on my paper... the five pages due tomorrow. I'm on page four now, so when the girls go to sleep tonight, I'll be able to finish it - one BIG unfinished project all done. And because sitting by the computer, writing a paper, can get very tiring, I started to knitt yesterday. Luv in the mommyhood has a knit-along going on - a cowl knit-along. I decided to join. I've made my own pattern and will be sharing it with you guys in November.
I have also found that this is the perfect Christmas gift for so many people on my Christmas gift list. It's quick, and we do live in Norway. Nice warm clothes, accessories are always welcome.

The knitting do pull me away from my paper, though, it's so much more fun to knit than to write about how asults learn.

I tought Sunday school today - and I loved today's topic - we're all limbs on Christ's body. We made cards for every child, telling them why they were special. My group is the one that hasn't started school yet, and they were so proud of their cards.

I hope you have something you're proud of today, happy Sunday.

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