Day 27 - Head ache

I wasn't going to blog today, but then - I did promise to blog every day, and I'm already short two days... I've had a bad head ache today and instead of blogging I should prepare a writing seminar I'm teaching tomorrow - but with the head ache - I'm just not feeling it.
 I prepared two more tutorials today - both of which will be Christmas presents for a lot of the adults on my list. I'll give you a sneak peak today. As for the unfinished projects.... a month is a long time to focus on unfinished projects, and I have discovered that I jump at fun projects so much easier than the big and boring ones. I still have some projects I really need to get done. Well, there is always a tomorrow.

This will be a perfect gift for men
I am still looking for guest bloggers during the month of November - if you have a tutorial, please don't hesitate to contact me.


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Sorry you don't feel well! Tomorrow will be a better day