Project 4

Bless, by Tone
It's day four of my 31 days challenge - it really helps me being focused on the things I should do, the things that have been waiting for so long. I really think this would be a good habit to start every year, do a month of unfinished projects. my boxes of unfinished crafts would for sure get smaller.

I've had these animal floor pillows since the spring - they belong to the kindergarten the girls go used to go to. The teacher asked me if I could fix them - and every time I look at them, I feel guilty - what better oportunity than now to get them started. So yesterday, I sewed up all the holes in this one - now I just need to cover them with another fabric. I think the holes will just tear up again if I don't do that. The other two pillows I have at home are in such bad condition that I have to make new covers for them.
It was Bible study night last night, so I didn't have a lot of time to finish projects. Instead I brought with me my crochet skirt. This is how far I was at the beginning of the challenge:
And this is how far along I am now - it is almost finished, but I ran out of yarn...
Today I think I will cut some of the things I will be sewing for KCWC - kids clothing week challenge - or do something else that's been waiting for me. Have a wonderful day!

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Ok, this is so simple, but why have I never thought to take my crochet project with me when I sit in the car at pick-up! Brilliant!