Project 6

 Yesterday I had off from my job = get a lot of things done. This 31 days of change challenge is really helping me being focused on the things around my house that has never been finished. 

My advice to you, if you don't want procrastinate any longer, is to really focus on the things that should have been done a while ago. I have also made up my mind to do at least ONE unfinished project every day - it might be a big project, so then I have to accept that it still won't be finished, but it will be closer to done than before.

Yesterday I got to send to packages, they were both looong overdue.
 I also went upstairs to find some more yarn for the crochet skirt... and behold! what do I find? More unfinished projects. They had both slipped my mind. The brown blanket... I started it years ago....
 So another advice is to take a walk around your house and really look for all those unfinished projects, make a list (I work so well with lists) and then you can decide which project is a good one for the actual day.
 Leg warmers for one of the girls - started for one of my projects for So you think you're crafty. And a blanket started as a gift for one of my good friends.... Hope my advices helped.

I also finished a tutorial I've promised you guys a while now... but you won't see that just now - I'm planning something big for November.... guess you'll have to wait until then. Have a happy day working on your unfinished projects, or not...

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Hannah sa...

That brown blanket!!! It looks amazing-ly cuddely! What kind of wool have you used?
I would never want to go looking for my un-finnished projects... I have FAR too many!!

My Crafty Home-Life sa...

Just like Hannah, I don't want to find more stuff for me to do! You are right though, today I helped a friend get ready to sell her home....all that "stuff" will come back at you.