Project 8 - and some BIG news


These 31 days of change, is really something else - and it has resulted in me doing 30 days of tutorials in the month of November.
I have been able to make some tutorials ready for you guys already - because of the unfinished projects thing I hva going on presently at my blog. Take a look at The Nesting Place for more info on that.

If anyone wants to do a tutorial guest post during the month of December - please contact me at blessbytone(@)gmail(.)com

I will also have a give-away at the end of the month - and if someone wants to donate anything towards the give-away - and get some publicity... email me at the above address.

The tutorials I want to show you include children's clothing, pallets-use, refashioning, junk to gems, crocheting, knitting and maybe some women clothes.

I hope you'll add the button to your blog, and get lots of people over here for the month of November - and hopefully some of the tutorials will be good ideas for Christmas presents.