Tutorial 15 - Anthropologie necklace knock-off

I have made a ribbon necklace - it looks kind of cool.....
Choose the ribbons you desire, cut them in different size pieces. Tie them together. My necklace is almost 10 yards long.... then fold it together into about 2 feet long pieces. Tie one end into a knot. the other end needs a loop at the end. Put the necklace around your neck - with the loop over the not!

I'm sorry the tutorial is so late today - I'm away studying and I had put in all the pictures, just nedded to write the text at the hotel last night.... but the hotel didn't have a wireless connection. Bummer. I drove way into the mountains, wanting to relax, reading your blogs, watching tv... and then, no tv and no internet.

Tomorrow I'm heading home again - I'll see when I get the tutorial out - pictures are there, still need the text... and I could of course do it now, but there are other things calling...
Have a nice day.

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