Finally December 1st! The girls were so excited this morning opening their advent calendars - yes, plural. Today in our home made calendar they found out we were making snow flakes from perlers. We ended up doing them kind of late, and Angel almost threw a fit! But everything turned out so nice - and the once the girls made are so beautiful.
 Our snow flakes are going up on the tree when we get the tree - December 23td.

 All white perlers.
 This was the easiest shape to make the nice snow flakes - easy to make something in the middle and then go out to each corner.

 My non-conformist had to have some red in there.
The name for Jesus today was: The Word - we had a nice talk about how everything He says becomes. How in John it says: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God.

I'm going to like this years advent - family time and family sharing - with the right focus.

I'll share my schedule with you again - I might change things up a bit, my car broke down and is now being taken to the chop chop - some of the things on the list requires a car....

1. make perler snow crystals2. bake ginger bread people3 paint t-shirts as gifts4 Visit old lonely aunt
5 look for old toys to send to poor kids6 sew hearts7 write Christmas cards8 invite someone for a visit9 make napkin rings with pearls10 bake Christmas cookies11 ring on someones doorbell, leave candy and run away
12 Send presents to grandma and Philippines13. sing Lucia songs for neighbor14 make Christmas candy15 make candles16 watch a movie with mommy and eat ice cream17 make erasers18 bake
19 wrap presents and hand out to their friends20 bake21. go Christmas shopping for your sister22 Go to play land23 decorate for Christmas24 Candy

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