6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and gymnastics show

Christmas is getting really busy around here - between not having a car, buying a new one, waiting to pick it up, getting Christmas presents ready, sewing for a gymnastics show.... and baking and, and, and - it is busy, but I love it!!!! Preparing to make a nice Christmas for the girls, making lasting memories for them.... spending time with them. I appreciate being able to do this, looking at my girls, hearing what their saying, watching their show - I love it!
 The girls had a Christmas show with their gymnastics group today - they were supposed to be characters from The Lion King - I made them lion costumes. They also wore ears, I don't have pictures of those yet. - found my phone picture - last in the post
 Going out for dinner with my parents after the show - the girls still had painted faces - I love living so close to my parents. My only brother lives far away, but it's so nice with family close by.
 A rare appearance!
 Another shot of the costume...
 I've come to day 6 of the advent calendar - Tuesday I had cut out hearts for the girls - with a zig zag pair of scissors - they sewed around it themselves with the sewing machine, leaving a little hole to put the stuffing in - then sewed it back up.
 Wednesday I wasn't home for more than half an hour - they spent time with the au pair.
Thursday they got to invite a friend home for their calendar gift.
Friday we were supposed to make Christmas presents - we did them today  - painting on t-shirts. We used fabric markers.
 For grand-daddy (he's from Trinidad and Tobago - hence the daddy part of grandpa)

 For themselves, of course!
 Their baby cousin
 I made this for my friend - she likes hunting. I used cookie cutters.
And for daddy.
For the tenth day, I gave them the latest Barbie Christmas movie - my niece is also getting that for Christmas. The Barbie movies are such a big hit in our house, coming home with that movie- makes me mommy-of-the-year. They're not very hard to please....

Today we've done a ton of things - they love being painted in the face - they looked so cute when they were first painted - then the show, then eating dinner at a restaurant, then doing the t-shirts. Then today on the calendar it said doing Christmas cards - we've done some of them - at least the ones that have to go in the mail. Tomorrow it will say go to the mail on their calendar, sending off presents for far-away family and poor children in the Philippines!!!

this is before the show - with their ears!
Only two more weeks - love this time of year!

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