Point of view - Summer

This is my Point of View - Summer - a beach towel with an elastic on top.

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They've all made some really great stuff for summer vacation.
Thank's for having me for for Point of View - it was so much fun!
In our house summer means swimming - every day. We live in a very cold climate -  Norway - but my girls start as early as possible to swim. We live right across the street from a small river and a beach there. 

My point of view therefor involves a towel - a towel they can get warm with after a refreshing swim...

Take one big beach towel - fold it in half, sew together.
Fold the top part, sew, leave an opening for the elastic to go through.
Put elastic through.
And you have a towel perfect for getting warm under or changing off that wet bathing suit...

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Gwen @ Gwenny Penny sa...

I love this idea, Tone! It's so hard for a child to keep a towel wrapped around them. This is perfect! And I really like that you can change out of your suit under the towel. Thanks so much for joining us for Point of View this month :)