31 days - 11 - doing favors and giving gifts

So, I was just way to tired to write a post yesterday... and because of this, you'll get three posts today!

Yesterday the girls had the same challenge as Wednesday, because they didn't really do anyone a favor.
But Wednesday night, right before bed time, Arielle asked what their challenge would be the next day... Yeah, they like their challenges.

Yesterday they were good at helping a lot of people out - and I think they really enjoy doing this.
they've even given me challenges - yesterday I had to do something special for someone at work and today I have to dance (!!!!!) in front of someone at work... at least it's going to put a smile on someone's face... (and luckily for me - there are only two other people at my work today)

Today is the day of giving, and the girls initiated that themselves. Last night (after bed time, I know...) they wrote a poem each for their teacher, so I told them the challenge would be to give it to her...

Translation: Lunde school poem! At Lunde school Merete works, and she is the best, therefor there is a fest. To Merete, you are the best teacher. From Arielle. (it rhymes better in Norwegian)

During fall, the leaves turn red and yellow and orange and in the end the leaves fall off and the birds fly off to Africa.. (from Ariana)

Aren't they just the sweetest?

I'll be back later to tell you how their teacher received the letters!

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