Kid's Clothes Day 1

 i had planned on making Lil Blue Boo's romper today, but I didn't have any paper to print the paper on ... (I forwarded it to my job, shh, I'll print it there tomorrow - we are allowed to ... just saying)

I like to recycle ... when I have clothes that I don't want/fit anymore, and I like the fabric, I put it in my remodel pile ... this skirt used to be my tunic. The fit was never right for me ... used once or twice. But Princess A loved the fabrics used. She tried to pick it for another project, but we weren't able to use it for that.

So ... today I had one very happy girl - telling me, "mommy I can't use this skirt with long sleeves, you know..." "Oh, why not" "Mommy, you just don't know what's stylish ..."

Happy she's happy!

2 kommentarer:

Evie Jones sa...

That's a really lovely skirt...and lovely that she knows what she likes!

Upstatemamma sa...

What a lovely skirt. I wish my daughter would wear skirts. I have one daughter who only wears dresses - no skirts and one that wants pants. I think I am going to try a skirt for her this week. Maybe she will like them. :)