Pattern tester, pattern tester (singing)

 Don't you just looove a good pattern? I know I do, and especially the kind my girls love too. This pattern has it all!!!

Heidi from Elegance and Elephants has made a beautiful, beautiful pattern.
 1. The pattern is REALLY well written, with LOTS of pictures to explain every step!
2. It is so beautiful
 3. I love the design
4. The girls love the design
5. It has several options - like with or without the pockets!
 It is not a very difficult pattern to sew, but it shouldn't be your first sewing project.

6. It can be worn with or without tights - and because of this, be worn all year!

I really, really recommend this pattern - and I am soooo happy I got to be one of the testers. Princess (jeans version) used it to school the first day it was finished - and she felt so stylish!

I think Heidi is starting her sales of the pattern tomorrow - and she has a give-away going!

I have another pattern testing going on, so I should get back to the sewing machine!

2 kommentarer:

Evie Jones sa...

Aren't these shorts just the cutest. I tested these too and LOVE the pattern (and the ruffle top too). Heidi is a genius and your girls look adorable in their shorts. I did the classic version and the trickiest bit is threading the elastic!

Heidi sa...

Thanks for the great review of my pattern, Tone! I can't wait to see the shorts without pockets. I've been wanting to try that, too. You're girls look so cute in their shorts!