More gifts, shirts, dresses... more sewing

 My girlies were going to a birthday party today. I made the present and one of the birthday dresses this morning. I used a raglan shirt pattern for the dress and the tunic. The fabric for the dress is 11 years!!! She loves how it turned out.
 "Mommy there's a alphabet soup, right? you can name this dress the Alphabet dress"
 My girls don't like ruffles and frills and sweet and overly girly anymore. They are getting older - almost 10 and want SIMPLE lines and not too much pattern on the fabrics.
 This dress is perfect for my high heal loving girl.
 For the present I made a tunic - I added elastics in the side seams to ruffle it up some - and a skirt. I had both fabrics in my stash. They are velveteen.
 The tunic is an extra lenght raglan shirt and the skirt is self drafted.
My parents are visiting my brother. So one of my nieces got this shirt. Also a raglan shirt  - it takes less than half an hour to sew, so this is my new favorite pattern! The pattern will come for sale at Titchy Threads!

My other niece got a similar shirt as the blue striped shirt - the Rowan Tee - shown in the previous post.

Love me some quick sewing!!!

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