My new blog

My crazy, lovely, beautiful, wonderful girls.

 I am Tone from Småenglenes verksted, and this is my new blog - I wanted an English blog because most of the blogs I read are American or Canadian. Why Bless? Well because on all the items I sell, I put the blessing on - May the Lord bless you and keep you. I also wanted a name that would portray all of me, and everything I'm about. And my faith is very important to me.

 This blog will be a little bit about everything, a whole lot about being creative. I want to do scheduled posts every week, like pattern day, faith day, photography day, single parent day and so on. Everything isn't planned yet. And yes, I am a single mother to my twin girls. And maybe sharing the trials I go through as a single mom will be helpful for others.
 I hope I can inspire. I know a lot of you inspire me every day. And I am so looking forward to starting this journey.

Welcome to my blog, have a happy reading. i hope I'll be seeing a lot of you in the future.

Bless, Tone

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