Bible Study Weekend

I em teaching Sunday school tomorrow. I belong to a Mission Covenant Church. We have kids from age three to 13. Tomorrow there will be between 20-60 kids.
The text I am teaching on is when Jesus heals the blind man, putting mud on his eyes, telling him to go and wash himself in the pool of Siloam. The message is With God ALL things are possible. I am praying that I will really get the message across to them.  

I'm still not quite sure how I will work the message, how I will get it across, maybe you guys have some good ideas?

How can I show them that everything is really possible with God and at the same time show them that God is not a mini bank where they can pray and receive what they prayed for - I mean that's not how God is. He is a wonderful father who LISTENS to all our prayers, but He answers them according to His wisdom. Some times I find it hard teaching Sunday School classes - should I focus on telling them the Bible story or the message? Most of all I think I would like them to learn how to really, REALLY trust God. I think that will be the message I will focus on - we can trust Him, He doesn't lie, and He has told us that ALL things are possible with Him. What a great God we serve. May the Lord bless you and keep you, Tone

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