Birthday present

 My little angels are angel is going  to a friend's 5th birthday party tonight. They were both supposed to go, but at 3 am one of them came crying into my bedroom, her tummy ached - and let's just put it this way, my washing machine keeps going today...
 I like to make the gifts they bring to the birthday kids, and this time my angels told me the girl loved to play with baby dolls - my girls have never really liked that, so I spotted my chance to make something for her baby dolls. I found this tutorial for diapers and wipes - loved it. 2 little hooligans knows what little girls like.
 I also wanted to make something she could carry her doll baby in, and I used this tutorial as an inspiration, but I changed up a bit.
 And since I already was cutting fabric and going to sew, I decided her doll baby needed a couple of bibs as well. So the birthday girl will receive to diapers, two bibs, a wipes holder with three wipes and a sling.

 I hope she'll like her gifts.
 She should get all of it, right, even though only one angel is attending the party??? After all, she was supposed to receive gifts from both, and all the gifts were done before my other angel got sick.

 If anybody wants a tutorial for my sling, I'll gladly put it up - it is a ten minute thing.
Happy Wednesday, Bless bless

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