My three musketeers

 Last summer my angels asked if they could have a three musketeers slumber party - and of course they could. We invited the three other girls in the Musketeers club, one didn't make it. And I made them costumes - This is after the Barbie movie - The three Musketeers - I had so much fun.
 I made them shirts where I appliquéd the letter of their character - one of my angels was Corinne. I made the skirts, swords and capes. Then last Friday they were having a carnival at the pre-school. I didn't like the skirts I made last summer - I didn't use enough fabric. So I made them new ones.
 The new musketeer skirt!
 And here are the three musketeers and Corinne's cat, Miete.The M on the cape is for Musketeer - they are reversible though, so they can use them as princess capes if they want to.
For the party I had bought masks which the girls decorated themselves. We had such a fun party -though it took them a long time to fall asleep.

Have a blessed Sunday, Tone

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Teri sa...

Love this Tone! You are sooo creative!!