Valentine's dresses - I know - a little late

 We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day in Norway, but Sunday night (13th) I just so felt like making my girls a Valentine's dress. I used Li'l Blue Boo's Sienna pattern, cut the pattern across the chest and added some appliqués.
 The pattern was very easy, I hadn't used it before. I have just discovered that we have gotten new transfers in Norway - where you can copy on fabric. I printed out picture of both girls and added "YOU are my sunshine" on one and "You make me happy" on the other - I used to sing that song to them when they were babies.
 It was late and dark when I was finished, and next day they wore the dresses to school - and got dirty. That's why I had to wait until now to post pictures of them.
 In the back I added hearts. The dresses were made in a sweat shirt material, which is nice and thick during the winter here in Norway.
 The girls love their dresses, might be the ones they like the most of all I've made... they even wore them again today. Makes a mommy's heart happy and proud.
The ink washed out a little in the wash. I'll have to see what I can do about that.

Have a lovely rest of the week, bless you, Tone

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angie sa...

these are too cute!

lakoczera sa...

I love the photos! What special dresses!