Where I find inspiration

These pictures represent a few of my favorite blogs - where I get inspiration from. This is No Big Dill - she just won the Project Run and Play competiotin - she's so very talented.
Lil Blue Boo is another great inspiration - if I could only be as creative as her...
Sewing in No Mans Land was the third finalist in the Project Run and Play competition - I read her new blogposts almost before she's put them out. (like that's possible) She is so talented.
Luvinthemommyhood - just love her blog, and she includes several forms of craftiness - sewing, knitting, crocheting - check her out!
Den gode feen (the good fairy) is a beautiful Norwegian blog - she is also very talented and she seems like such a nice woman - she also includes several different forms of craft.
The Cottage Home is also one of those blogs I look for every day when I go online - has she made another post today? I love her ppatterns - very easy to follow and oh! so beautiful.
Last, but not least of the blogs I decided to write about today is From an Igloo - again, a lot of nice tutorials from a very talented lady.
Here you have them - at least some of them. Of course I have other blogs where I find inspiration - but these ones are some of my dearest favorites. They are favorites, because they make really good clothes, the clothes fit well, they take all very good photos, and it just seems like these women know what they are doing, they're not faking it. Look them up and get inspired.

Have a blessed one, Tone

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k a t y sa...

Thank you, thank you! What an honor!

The Cottage Mama sa...

Awwww, that is so sweet - thank you so much for your kind words :-)

Have a great day,

luvinthemommyhood sa...

Thank you soooooo much hun! That was so sweet of you and made my day! So happy you find inspiration on my little ol'blog :) Take care and keep in touch!