One thing I WILL do this weekend

It's finally Friday again, the girls have been to swim class and they are finally in bed. I'm sitting here by the computer, trying to find some inspiration through other blogs, read what others are up to and just loving the idea of a Saturday and a Sunday without too many plans.

I have asked my mother to watch my girls tomorrow so that I can tidy my house a little bit. so it doesn't look like a tornado went through it. I would also like to get some sewing done. I have people waiting for projects - and it's not a nice feeling. One of them has waited too long - I need to get it done. 

I also have to read some boring laws about education before Monday, I kind of skipped out of work early and because of that I have to finish this task. But I want to do something for ME, just for me. Something nice, relaxing and fun. I think I will...
design something for the Once upon a Thread competition - that's something I WANT to do, something inspiring, relaxing and fun... 

The pictures above are from my sewing corner - it does look a little more sewed into right now. Another area of my house that needs tidying. The pillow was a birthday present from my girls to a friend.

Have a nice weekend, I hope you get to do something nice, just for you as well. 
Bless you, Tone

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