Auction for friends in the adoption process

My friends Steve and Alyssa Moss are really nice people and the love the Lord. They have two beautiful kids of their own, and now they're feeling God is calling them to adopt another precious child. You can read all about them here: Filling the Farmhouse

Right now they are having a silent auction on Facebook to raise money for the adoption process.
(note to self: need to iron)

I have donated some girls' clothes for the auction - for me, at this point, this was a nice way that I was able to help them out. 
I hope they raise what they need fast, so they can get on with the process.
Let me put it like this: If I ever had to find some step parents for my girls, I would love for them to grow up with Alyssa and Steve - they are that great.

Check out their fund raising.

Be blessed, Tone

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