Making a pattern

I want to start a regular post here - I don't know if I will make it EVERY lets say Thursday, but I want to share on my blog how I work through this book, learning how to make patterns.

The book is divided up into chapters where the author deals with one basic pattern at the time. She shows you hos to make the pattern.
She explains different parts of how to make a pattern.

She then shows you how you can alter the basic patterns into other kinds of .. lets say the basic skirt.
So if anyone wants to learn how to make proper patterns - clothes that fits perfectly, tag along with me. I will be showing how I make one basic pattern at a time. And first out is the skirt.
And hopefully I'll be a good pattern maker at the end of the book, and maybe some of you will be the same.

Happy pattern making. And be blessed. Tone

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Kimberly from "bugaboo" sa...

That looks like a super cool book. Something I totally need. :)
Thanks for stopping by to say hi on my blog, by the way!