One thing I WILL do this weekend

I just received a phone call telling me I'm getting a visitor this weekend, so I have to change all my plans. But I didn't really have any big plans anyway.

I will be working on my next SYTYC project.

I will have to do some laundry.

I also want to make a pattern for the squirrel for the clothes rack - and post it here.

The ONE thing I want to do for me, though, is... mmh, I think I want to go to the second hand store tomorrow, yes, that's what I will do.
But most importantly I will be praying for Japan and all the people affected by the earth quake. My sister-in-law is from Japan - all of her family is counted for, praise God.
Be blessed, plans or no plans. Tone

(pictures from google)

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Teri sa...

Are these pics of your house Tone? I love it it!!! SO BEAUTIFUL! You truly have a gift. Come help me with my house! :)