Getting ready for pattern making

I know... I'm really quick (not) with the things I say I will do - I always have a LOT of plans and a lot of designs and dreams running through my head, and... I don't always see it through. I have come to terms with my shortcomings in regards to this - I love to dream and plan, and I'm okay with not everything coming to life.

But, I do really want to learn how to make patterns - good patterns. And today I am here to tell you guys what you will need to make a pattern - which tools you will be needing. Then (maybe) next week we'll start at the pattern...

The most important tool is PAPER.  According to my book, there are several types of paper, but a semi-transparent paper will work really well.

Second you will need a regular pencil - and don't sharpen it too much, the paper is really thin.

Thirdly you will need a pair of scissors. DON'T use your sewing scissors. 

Then there is the ruler - a clear plastic, flexible kind of ruler is the best one, but any ruler will work.

Let's not forget the tape measure - gotta measure the measurements of the body, right?

The above items are necessities for making patterns, but these items will make your pattern making a whole lot easier: clear tape, safety pins, tailor's chalk, dressmaker's carbon paper and stapler.

Now, let's get the items and tools collected and let's meet next week for starting on making our skirt pattern.

Be blessed, Tone

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luvinthemommyhood sa...

Ohhh, I'm excited for the rest of this! Can't wait to see your tips :)