One thing I WILL do this weekend

What a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun is shining and we woke up late - Lynn (one of my twins) woke up at 7, but I managed to get her to fall asleep again and we all woke up at 8:30 - nice.

My girls are going to their very first sleep-over at their best friend's house tonight - exciting for both girls and mommy.
And mommy... I WILL go out with a friend tonight - I think I have going-out-girlfriend's nights like three times a year, so I'm going to enjoy myself.
Other than that I think I will try and finish A Bowl Full of Lemons' challenge last week. I should have been finished last week, I'm not, but I am getting there. Toni at this site is such a good organizer. And she might not know this, but she is a real good help to me, getting my house organized. Those that know me, know that I was towards the end of the line when tidiness was handed out. 
But I am slowly getting there - I created a calendar in January helping me to create one new housy habit every month. In March I'm working on my finances - this challenge couldn't have come at a better time. In April I will be working on tidying the table every day (no, I don't already do that).
 In order to finish all my challenges I have bought a binder - as advised in this post.  I love the look of my pink binder - and the closing button. So cute.
The boxes are from a set from Norwegian designer Tilda (Tone Finnanger) She creates the most beautiful stuff and she gives out a lot of craft books - they are even translated into English.

And I'm very excited about next week when round 1 of SYTYC starts. Make sure you check back on Monday to vote for your favorite.

Be blessed, Tone

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Toni sa...

Thank you so much for your comments! I truly appreciate them. Im glad you are participating in the challenges.

A Bowl Full of Lemons