Today I am grateful for...

It's Sunday and time for my I am grateful-post again. I just love Sundays - I love that they usually last for a while, because our pace is slower.

Today I'm grateful for sleep-overs - the very first one, in fact. Not that they've never slept anywhere else, but this was the very first time they stayed at a friends house over night. And I just loved the long morning - doing some tidying here and there, planning some creative projects - nice.

I picked them up at 2 - enough time by my self to get a lot of work done and just in time so I wouldn't miss them too much. I'm thankful for these special moments with my girls where we get to sit down and play a game.

Today I also feel grateful for friends - my friends, got to go out for dinner with two friends last night, and the girls' friends - friends are important. I'm also very grateful for the friends I get to know here, through my blog. I'm grateful for the comments people make and the people adding themselves as followers.

I'm thankful spring is coming. Today we had some snow, but it turned into rain. And now the sun is shining. I just love living this far north, having the looooong, bright evenings during spring and summer. And last night we got summertime, so now the evening is even brighter.

My girls don't like to wear pants or jeans, specially during the cold season when they have to wear stockings underneath - they feel like they can't move freely. So today I made some pants for them - some lose fit ones, to move around in - I'm done with the pale blue ones - while making these, I thought, what a perfect color for a baby boy - my cousin will have a boy in May, so I made a pair for him as well. The other twin will have some purple ones. They will be made after they've gone to bed. I'll also make some matching tops.
from behind

baby boy pants, not sure if I want to add elastics at the bottom or not.

Be blessed, Tone

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Jill @ Women Who Do It All sa...

Thanks for the sweet comment! Your girls are adorable! I can't wait until my little guys are old enough for sleep overs, sounds nice :)