Tutorial - Pants

I'm in love with these pants, they just seem so comfortable and my girls love them - and we get a lot of compliments when the girls are wearing them. I love the shirts too, tutorial for that will follow, but I was inspired by this tutorial, I just made a casing on top for an elastic instead of bias tape.

She loves trying to be a model...
Here is the tutorial for the pants:
1. Use a pair of pants you already have - I wanted pants much wider than these, so I cut the fabric wider. Usually pants are longer in the back than in the front, but when the pants are lose like these, it doesn't matter. Cut two identical pieces, on folded edge.
 See... much wider... same length - when they are hemmed, they will be shorter though.

2. Pin five places on top of the pants, on each piece, this is where you want your tucks.
3. Sew down on the leg, as far as you want the tucks - I made mine a little longer then where make a swing for the butt.
4. Sew the pant's legs - from crotch (is that the correct word?) to the ankle.
5. I then turn one leg the "right" way and tuck it inside the other leg, the fabric will be right sides together - inside one leg - make sense? 
6. Sew the seem from back to front.
7. Hem - make room for the elastic.
8. Sew the waist - make room for the elastic.
9. Use a safety pin to pull the elastic band through
Playing Superman
My dramatic girls - thinking they're real models - but they are cute, right?
Hope you like the pants - they are perfect for summer.
Be blessed, Tone

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Linda sa...

Så søte de er! og med flotte klær!

Hootnz sa...

Very Cute! Love the idea and perfect setting for the photos :)

angie sa...

these are so sweet! I think I'll be giving them a try for my girl!