Weekend plans and a little about me

The Elk Helge - pattern found here

Luvinthemommyhood has given us a challenge to tell each other a little about ourselves. Here are my answers: 
Making : a pantry in my kitchen
Cooking : fried potatoes and eggs

Drinking : ice coffee

Reading: Faith at home

Wanting: a lot of cash

at my girl, she has a head ache
Playing: Go Fish! with my twins

fabric by cutting up fabric for projects that don't get done
Sewing: it's a secret

Wishing: I could go to Florida this summer

Enjoying: lighter evenings

Waiting: for my girls to go to sleep
Liking: that it's April already

Wondering: when my kitchen will get done

Loving: how my girls tell me: Mommy you are the best mommy in the world

: for a serger

Marvelling: over the constant mess in my house
Needing: some time alone to clean my house

Smelling: my girl's hair

Wearing: jeans and lots of shirts - it's cold

Following: luvinthemommyhood

Noticing: that my heatpump was turned off... maybe some kids visiting?

Knowing: that I'm going to bed early

of what a great God I serveBookmarking: a lot of great blogs
Opening: my mouth to sneeze
Giggling: over nothing - it's 9:40 and my girls won't go to sleep
Feeling:the need for some alone-time
I love this little dress - you can find the patter here
This weekend will be spent cleaning and tidying - yes, I am kind of a messy person - and everybody that knows me, knows this about me. But that's about to change. Let me tell you - I am going to get a tidy house - and be able to welcome guests - all the time. Starting today.      (Okay, I know, baby steps)

so there are a lot of buck heads today - but I love this one - tutorial found here
I also have to go to the fabric store today to get something for something - you will see in a week or two.

Tomorrow we're having dinner guests and now I'm going to paint my table from a uaah color to white.

Have a blessed weekend. Tone

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luvinthemommyhood sa...

Awww, thanks for joining in hun! I hope you have a great weekend and we both get that alone time to clean :)