Grateful Sunday

 Today I'm especially grateful for other people's trash. I went to the garbage dump yesterday with some (real) garbage. There they have a big garage with "garbage" that isn't garbage. Let me explain - people coming to the dump can put their stuff in this garage if they think other people might like it. This is really: Some people's trash is other people's treasure. Yesterday I found the items on these pictures - a chest - will be really beautiful painted and two shelves - one is perfect for my kitchen. And they were all for FREE. Grateful.
 I'm grateful for my six-year old losing her teeth, the other one hasn't started yet, and she thinks it's kind of unfair, but she's better now. I love the look of her smile - three teeth missing.
I'm thankful for new chances - I didn't get to tidy much yesterday, but I get another chance today. Today I'm armed with FlyLady and my timer - IT WILL GET DONE IN TIME FOR DINNER GUESTS. I did get my table painted, one coat left - and it's all done - happy dance.

And I'm grateful for the sun shining in my window, for to little bikes coming out from a snowed in barn - it means it's SPRING.

Happy Sunday, and be blessed. Tone

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