Easter so far

I can't say enough times how wonderful it is with Eastervacation - I love, love, love it. We're really enjoying the spring weather. I love how the girls laugh all day long, playing behind the barn in the woods. I love how I can be outside, listening to them. I love being able to pick Windflowers - also behind the barn.
Windflowers are one of my most favorite flowers - they're always so early in the spring, promising warmer weather and I always had to pick them for my grandmother when I was little - she was always so happy for them.
We're spending Easter relaxing, playing, making things - the girls have painted two pots and Easter eggs.
One painted flowers all the way around and the other painted her very own, unique castle... it was.. unique. I love spending days like these. And then.... I'm also enjoying struggling with my SYTYC project this week.
Hope you're enjoying your Easter also.
Be blessed, Tone

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