Reusing an old ladder and recycling tin cans

I have made myself a herb holder. I used an old ladder, old spoons and forks and some tin cans. I'm so happy with the result - hanging on my barn wall - and the flowers or herb plants can easily be switched with the season.

Don't you just love it?
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Be blessed, Tone

5 kommentarer:

Amy @ Positively Splendid sa...

What a smart idea! So industrious!

Katie sa...

This is such a cute idea! It makes me wish I had a fence!!

Cara@HomespunKitchen sa...

LOVE this! I will now be on the lookout for an old ladder!!

Katharine sa...

This is amazing!! I have a place where this would look great, I will have to start olloing for an old ladder!
Thanks for sharing!

Anke sa...

What a creative way to use an old ladder, I absolutely love it!