Jewelry Tree

WOW - thought for a moment there this week I wouldn't make it, but I did. And I'm so happy I did - now I only have to move on in next weeks project, and then, just wait until you see my projects for the following weeks - I tell you, they will be great!!!
So, presenting my JEWELRY TREE:
I have a lot of scrap ply-wood, and was thinking of using this, but I am also tearing up the flooring in my kitchen - and underneath the hard-wood floor there is a layer of MDF boards - they have some holes from the nails, but otherwise fine. I decided to use this.

I drew my design on paper, cut it out, and traced it on the MDF - then I used my band saw. The tree kind of told me it needed to be white. 

In the back of the tree I glued some embroidery fabric on for all those stud earrings. I also made four "grass straws" at the base of the tree for rings.
Works perfectly for me.
Be blessed and happy Easter, Tone

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Jill sa...

I really liked this! I thought it was super cute and so functional. Way to think outside the box! I know what you mean about loving an upcoming project and just hoping you keep making it through!