My DKNY knock-off dress - tutorial

Before I show you my DKNY dress tutorial, let me remind you that it is Monday, and time to vote for your favorite at SYTYC.  This weeks theme couldn't have been more suiting - Knock off, just in time for KoJo and Craftiness isn't optionals blog-series.

Today I want to show you another knock-off piece I made - and how I made it - it was a very simple dress to make.

This was my inspiration - DKNY hawaiin summer dress.
This is my version - in a brighter fabric, but I still love the look for summer.
1. Cut out the fabric - for my size - 6 yr - I used the full length of the fabric, half a yard long. Fold the fabric in half. 
2. Cut off a piece on top, leave a little piece in the middle - as shown in the picture.
3. Paint the letters and numbers you want. I just hand painted mine - I didn't have white fabric paint...

4. zig-zag where the back seam will be.
5. Sew the back - right sides together.
6. Sew the top and bottom - I sewed a really tight zig-zag here, instead of a hem - you can see the original is sewn the same way. Put your sewing machine as if you were sewing a button.
7. Sew two seams on top of the dress with elastic - there are lots of tutorials on how to do this - but basically you put elastic around your bobbin and just sew the normal way. My sewing machine ruffled up with just the sewing.
8. In front of the dress, sew for more rows with elastic.
9. I used the cut offs from the top to make my shoulder straps. They weren't really wide, so I just folded them in half length wise and folded in the seam allowance.
10. Attach the straps to you dress, and it's done.
The DKNY hawaiin summer dress.
Be blessed, Tone

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angelfitch sa...

I love it!!!

saffiertje sa...

How beautiful simple patterns can be!@!!! Love this one!!