I made it round 2 - Book shelf to Barbie house

 I made it through round 2 of SYTYC - I'm thrilled - thank you for voting for me.
 And now the girls it was intended for, have a new Barbie doll house and when they are done playing with Barbies, it is still a nice looking book shelf - and it holds a lot of stuff. I also added a curtain in front of the "bathroom" - Even Barbie needs some privacy when she taking a bath or using the lady's room.
I like that it is big and holds a lot - it can even hold the boxes for when they are not playing. I am also happy with the fabric glued to the back wall - it makes it easy to change around and give it more of a boy's look if that will be needed or make it plain white. The girls that received this, were very happy and haven't stopped playing yet...
I hope you like it too.
Be blessed, Tone