Weekend plans

KoJo designs and Craftiness isn't optional are hosting a new thing April 11th - and I love it - it's a blog-series of knock-offs - me like. I've already made one knock-off and have to make the other twin one tomorrow. these will be almost identical, it's not often I make them similar clothes but I just loved the fabric so much. 
 This dkny dress is my inspiration - sorry for the bad picture.

I'm also having Sunday school this weekend - talking about God's hero - you and me. I love teaching Sunday school - and I think this topic is SO important for the little ones to hear - they need to know NOW that God needs them and that He wants to use them.

This is my weekend, what is yours?
Be blessed. Tone

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kirstin & jordan sa...

love it! glad you're excited with us! thanks for the shout out. :)