Ghosts and Wandering Spirits

This weekend we had a really traumatic incident. Or series of incidents. My 6-year-olds were palying all of Saturday with the neighbor kids - they are 10 and 11. One of my girls, A.B, came in around 5 - telling me she was afraid, like really scared, but she had promised the older kids not to tell.

 She went back out again, but then came back inside, saying she was scared. I got some things out of her, but she thought it was so difficult, because the older girls had told them not to say anything.
 Going to bed that night was a nightmare. They told me some more things about how the bigger girls had scared them with stories about ghosts and wandering spirits and that they came to take little girls. We prayed and talked about it, but they were still afraid, and I had to stay in their room until they were asleep. They both woke up during the night, and spent the rest of the night in my bed.
The next day they told me the rest, and they were doing a lot better. A.L. was really angry at the bigger girls for telling them not to tell me. A.B. was still scared, but better. They both asked me if I could have a talk with the girls - which we did yesterday. Of course they didn't want my girls to so scared they couldn't sleep, and we had a nice chat. A.B. didn't want to come along, talking with the girls, and the first thing she asked when I returned was if they had told me that they were just joking. She was still afraid it was true.

Luckily (for me) the worst part was that they couldn't tell me - which tells me that they don't keep many secrets from me!!!

I hope everyone is having a ghost free day.
Be blessed, Tone

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