Pin Wheels

I am over at Homespun Threads today.

Today I will show you how to make pin wheels - they are just too cute, don't you think?

 This is what you need: paper, scissors, pins, paper clips ans sticks.

 If your piece of paper is colored on only one side, glue two pieces together.
 Fold corner to corner, both ways.

 Cut all four corners towards the middle, leave about half an inch in the end.
 Fold in one corner from each triangle - the same corner every time.
 Fasten with a pin to the stick.
 If you're only going to use it as decorations - punch holes and put a paper clip through.

 And since it is really rainy outside, put them in the indoor garden- and decorate your house.
Or use them as table decorations - make some nice birthday decorations.

My girls love pin wheels - and now they can make them themselves.

have a blessed weekend,Tone

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kate sa...

cute pinwheels Tone!

I haven't heard from Missy. I'm guessing she just moved in and doesn't have internet access yet? We'll see eventually I guess!