Crafting at the family camp

Norway is a Christian country - we celebrate all the Christian holidays and this weekend is/was Pentecost. Monday is also considered a holiday. Not far from us there is a big family camp every Pentecost weekend. This year there were 750 people from all over Norway. It's a non-denominational camp. We had so much fun. Princess and Angel both love this weekend, and want to go back year after year.
I was part of leading the craft group from 3rd to 9th grade. We made jewelry, candle holders from glass jars and pillows.
Saturday we took our girls out - all 18 of them and took pictures of them, we edited them in Picasa and added God made me perfect - printed them on heat transfer paper and ironed them to already made (by my partner) pillowcases.
Then on Sunday the girls got to embellish the pillows. They loved the projects and were so proud of the things they made.

Some also embellished some boxes- tow of these are made by my girls - they are only 6, though. It was a very good weekend.

Be blessed, Tone

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